We are Markel, insurance specialists who give people and businesses throughout the world the confidence and freedom to perform at their best.

What really defines us is how we work. Originally family-run, the same values exist today. We are down-to-earth and are easy to deal with. As a broker, you can talk to your underwriter at any time, knowing they have the expertise and authority to make quick, final decisions, so your dealings keep moving forward. We take the time to visit the businesses we insure, and tailor products based on what matters most. And because we work as one, we collaborate freely across Markel to create the best solutions possible, regardless of where in the world you or your clients are. We also care about managing risk before it becomes an issue. We share our insights and knowledge and our experts spend time with companies to help them understand complex and ever-shifting environments. And if the worst should happen, our award-winning claims service is fast, fair and honest.

With us, you always know where you stand, year in, year out. As part of Markel Corporation, we’ve been insuring the usual and the unusual for over 90 years. It means we have a deep understanding of risk and the financial strength to stay by your side long into the future. Our experience has also honed our approach to business and how we think ahead to tomorrow. We consider our markets with care, balancing opportunity with common sense. We are open about our risk appetite and when we innovate, we do so to stay. Our approach creates greater certainty, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

A global brand

Markel International is a division of Markel Corporation, a US-based holding company for insurance and investment operations around the world, that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MKL), has $37.5 billion of combined assets and $11.1 billion of shareholders’ equity. In 2019 Markel Corporation wrote gross premium of $8.8 billion.

Looking after the commercial insurance needs of major businesses, SMEs, professionals and sole traders. Markel International has offices in 17 countries, across the UK, Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Depending on risk location, Markel can write on its Lloyd’s syndicate, its London insurance company, Markel International Insurance Company Limited (MIICL), or its German insurance company, Markel Insurance SE (MISE), established in 2018 to handle EEA risks after Brexit.

MIICL and MISE are licensed for insurance in all EU and numerous other overseas territories while Syndicate 3000 benefits from Lloyd’s global licences and can write insurance and reinsurance worldwide.

Markel also offers tax and legal services through its specialist companies Markel Tax and Markel Law.

Why choose Markel

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Our global footprint
Markel has 73 offices in 21 countries, with 18,600 employees worldwide. 4,600 of those within insurance operations and 14,000 within Markel ventures.
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Established for over 90 years
Markel has been around since 1930 and our story is still unfolding. Our optimism is tempered by our modesty, but we believe Markel's best days are ahead.
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Financial strength ratings
A. M. Best: A (Excellent)
Standard & Poor's: A (Strong)

Award-winning claims service
We want to give you and your business the confidence to keep going whatever happens, so our highly experienced claims specialists are here to help.

The Markel Style

Markel has a commitment to success. We believe in hard work and a zealous pursuit of excellence while keeping a sense of humour. Our creed is honesty and fairness in all our dealings.

The Markel way is to seek to be a market leader in each of our pursuits. We seek to know our customers' needs and to provide our customers with quality products and service.

Our pledge to our shareholders is that we will build the financial value of our company. We respect our relationship with our suppliers and have a commitment to our communities.