Our upstream energy team offers a range of cover including physical loss or damage, business interruption, control of well, machinery breakdown, and decommissioning risks. By working with our in-house engineering capability, we are able to offer industry leading underwriting expertise to our clients, who include small to mid-size businesses as well as major industry players. We provide cover on a worldwide basis (excluding sanctioned territories).

Upstream coverage options

We can offer line sizes up to $300m on Company paper or $100m on Lloyd's paper

We consider ourselves predominantly quota share (re)insurers

  • We can write excess of loss layers
  • We do not write a book of primary placements, but will write primary layers where we are able to write the excess layers as well
  • We can write pure excess layers where the risk is within appetite and we are unable to take a line on the primary layer
  • We do not write Fac RI primaries for other insurers

Offshore key coverages include:

  • Physical damage to fixed and floating structures
  • Subsea infrastructure
  • Business interruption following a physical loss
  • Contractor fleets
  • Construction
  • Packages including third-party liability
  • Contractor fleets
  • Renewables

Onshore key coverages include:

  • Drilling and well servicing
  • Well site equipment

Control of well key coverages include:

  • Stand alone, primary, and excess layers
  • Onshore and offshore exploratory / developmental drilling

Policy highlights

  • Physical loss / damage
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of hire
  • Norwegian plan
  • Control of well
  • Energy exploration and development
  • Pipelines
  • Drilling contractors

Risk management and loss control

  • Engineering capability
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"Technology leaps, supply change, demand growth and efficiency gains – who knows what the energy landscape will look like in the coming years, but having a great team who are dedicated to understanding the needs of all our clients, whether global leaders or specialised niche players, means that as these seismic shifts take place, we are who the clients come to for innovative thinking and a safe place to assume their risk."